South Jersey Tournaments
South Jersey Tournaments
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The 35th Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament

   The annual South Jersey Shark Tournament is the first competitive big-game fishing opportunity of the season. Averaging 150 to 200 boats each year, this event is the premiere Shark Tournament in the Mid-Atlantic region. With a cast of over 1,000 anglers participating annually, this exciting event takes place when the bite has been historically at its best in our productive waters off of Cape May. Our shark tournament is structured to provide participants with the best possible fishing hours, lucrative cash prizes and an equal chance for boats of all sizes to compete – all while setting an example of sportsmanship and sound conservation practices.

New Last Year!

   Last year, by popular demand, we went to a Captains Choice, fish 2 days out of 3 days format, no weather committee. The Captains meeting will be held on Wednesday evening, 6/10/15, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be the available fish days. Plus, we have created a new Big Money Mako calcutta that has definitely made things more exciting! We've also modified the Daily Double Calcutta so that your entry will only be added to the daily purse of the two days that you fish!

   The entry fee is $575 per boat which provides eligibility for tournament prizes and five tickets to all dockside dinners and festivities (additional tickets can be purchased at the Captains meeting). And please make note: All of the festivities, from Captain’s Meeting to Awards Party will take place back at South Jersey Marina. Rest assured, we’ll have the big tent, great food and every­thing else you’ve come to expect at this event. We’ll even have a shuttle van running between South Jersey and Canyon Club for remote parking. It’s going to be a typical South Jersey good time! Guaranteed!

   Depending on the number of entries, prize money could top the 300K mark this year! If you enjoy competitive shark fishing, dockside parties and the camaraderie inherent in this sport, there is no better opportunity to enjoy yourself with family and friends than the South Jersey Shark Tournament.

   View the 2015 Shark Tournament Brochure for complete details.

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2015 Tournament and Event Schedule

7th Annual Strictly Boaters Boat Show
The "Boat Show for Boaters" with a VIP atmosphere!
May 1-3
35th Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament
The Richest Shark Tournament in NJ - Record payout in 2014: $323,273
Will now be a Fish 2 out of 3 days, Captains' Choice. Captains' meeting will be on Wed.

June 10-13
The Canyon Club Junior Angler Offshore Challenge
The Junor Anglers get to show their stuff!
July 8-11
26th Annual South Jersey Viking/Ocean Showdown
Viking and Ocean owners go Head-to-Head in the "War Offshore"
July 15-19
The Yacht Club of Stone Harbor Marlin Invitational
Hosted at Canyon Club Resort Marina
For info contact: Jamie Diller - (609) 827-0020 or Tom Byrne - (609) 425-1137
July 23-26
The MidAtlantic - 24th Annual
Competition, Opportunity, Camaraderie - Record payout in 2014: $2,412,510
August 16-21
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